Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Recently Apple came out with the new and improved Apple watch, better known as the series 3 and I'm here to tell you all about why I had to have it and just how much I love it! 

Prior to having the series 3 I was a proud owner of the Apple watch series 1. That is, until I smashed it to little itty bitty pieces. Note to self, DO NOT take your apple watch off unless absolutely necessary, they are glass and will shatter no matter how much you want to believe that its an amazing Apple product that is indestructible! Aside from dropping your watch face first on the concrete pavement, it will withstand minor everyday bumps here and there. After learning the hard way though, I can now help you avoid the mistake I made of not getting Apple Care. Get Apple Care! It will save you so much money if you do break your watch and need it replaced or fixed. It's a difference between 60-70 dollars with Apple Care or 200+ dollars without it. I also recommend getting a screen protector, it's always helpful to have a little extra cushion to ease your anxiety and it never hurts to take extra good care of things especially when you are going to spend a good chunk of money on something. I feel so much better now (probably because of my PTSD from my first apple watch experience) knowing I have that extra protection on my watch.

Because of my Apple watch tragedy, I waited a month and got the series 3 when it came out, Although a little extra money was involved it was well worth it. The apple watch series 3 allows me to run errands, go for a run, workout etc. while still receiving messages, calls, social media notifications, news alerts and much more all while leaving my phone at home. Thats right the new series 3 watch now includes cellular data for the small fee of 10 extra dollars a month added to your cellular bill. No one wants an added fee to any bill but I assure you it is well worth it. It is essentially a mini, more portable phone (if that's even possible).

For all those fitness gurus, you no longer have to carry your phone on long runs or even at the gym as long as you have wireless headphones you can play your music right from your watch via bluetooth and track your run or workout on the built in fitness app. This app allows you to set your watch to your specific terrain, workout or goals. Whether that be spinning, running indoors or outdoors, outdoor biking or simply just counting your steps for the day. 

I had to have the Apple watch, my main reason, fitness. I love tracking my runs and even tracking my spin miles and time. I wanted to be able to stop carrying my phone while I was running, it would always get sweaty and gross from putting it in my sports bra or it just became annoying to lug around or hold, I needed an alternative. Because I already owned wireless headphones I was able to sync my playlists onto my watch and not need to have my phone with me while running. When I had the series 1 I was not able to use any features when my phone was out of range except use music that was already downloaded on my watch. Now with the series 3 I can use all the features on my watch, music, text messaging, calls no matter where or how far out of range my phone is.

Another function I really enjoy about my Apple watch is the GPS function. With this function the directions come through on my watch and it vibrates to tell me when I am suppose to turn and arrows show on the watch face indicating which way to turn. This keeps me from constantly looking at and being distracted from a GPS. It's also helpful for navigating the city and not having to always have your phone out the entire time you are trying to reach a destination.

My Apple watch is always motivating me! Whether it's reminding me to stand after I've been sitting for a while, or I'm just checking my steps/goals and seeing that I need to get more exercise in for the day. You can even make it competitive if your friends own an Apple watch too, challenge them by sharing your activity. See who has more activity for the day or week and keep each other motivated.

You can check all of this on your phone too, just head to your watch app or your activity app to see things on a bigger scale check for updates and see your workout history.

The best part about this watch is you can make it look as professional or as athletic as you want, which I often find hard with other athletic targeted technology. This is important for people who like to continue to track their steps and activity throughout the day including while at work. Switch out the bands to fit your occasion, at the moment I tend to wear my black band most often because it matches everything and can go from dressy to workout easily. You can even take it to the next level by getting bands that look exactly like classic watches, they have leather bands or stainless steel bands. There is band for all occasions, personality and activity. This is the fun part, tailor it to your style and have fun with it! I have 2 Apple watch bands, the navy and the light pink and then my white and black bands are from Target for 10 bucks! They work just as well and are a heck of a lot cheaper. Get as fancy or as basic as you want with it! 

xx mack