Its always a good day when my Birch Box arrives! How many of you are subscribed to Birchbox!? Isn't it the best!!

My Birch Box was loaded this time around! with Amika dry shampoo, Supergoop sunblock, Eyeko liquid eye liner and sooo much more! 

I am totally in love with all things Amika. Their products are to die for. This month in my box I received some dry shampoo, and in a previous months box I received their blow out spray and I can not say enough good things about their products! Along with my love for Amika I also love a good skin care product! Which is why I'm sharing with you this pore minimizing face wash and sunblock. As summer approaches and you start to spend more days outside skin care becomes key! Sunblock will become your best friend, because lets face it who enjoys getting sun burnt? That's right no one. So lather up with this Supergoop sunblock, its water resistant and works like a charm! Then at the end of the day rinse it off and scrub up with Acure's pore minimizing facial scrub. You'll thank me later when you skin is pore and sunburn free! 

Birchbox is a great way to try out new products without having to spend excessive amount of money on products you've never seen or tried before. So go sign up to receive a Birchbox, and soon enough you'll be swooning over their assortment of amazing products delivered to your doorstep monthly! It doesn't get any better than that! 

               Xoxo Kenz