Miami Outfit Roundup

Hey there loves! Welcome back, it’s been awhile since I got a post up here but here we are. Looking for some outfit inspo for your next destination? Or just some summer inspo since it is right around the corner, eeek! Keep reading i’ve got you! I mean it’s about time right!? Like seriously what have I been waiting for, hope the anticipation was killing y’all as much as it was me!

The outfits from this trip are some of my favorite yet! Bright colors fun patterns hats and some sunshine, doesn't get much better. Miami gave off such great vibes it was hard to not keep my outfits fun and vibrant. Orange and yellow are so in this season and that definitely showed through in my travel wardrobe and I hope this color scheme continues on for the rest of the season. I’m having so much fun working with these colors and hope they're here to stay. Excited to finally get these looks up for y’all enjoy!

Travel Look:

Kept it comfy and made sure to wear a few pieces I would want for my trip as well to lessen the travel load! I always plan out a comfortable travel outfit because there is nothing worse than traveling in uncomfortable clothes especially if it is a long trip or you are going to be stuffed in small spaces like a car or a plane.

Outfit Round Up:

Probably one of my favorite looks this orange sweater had been on my wish list for a couple weeks prior to this trip, but I could not find it any where! Luckily Miami’s forever 21 came in clutch and I was able to pull together the outfit nevertheless! Fun fact about these pictures - I got cheered on by an entire crowd of people outside of the restaurant we had just ate at while I took these in the pouring rain with my mom. Now if that doesn’t say do it for the gram, I’m not sure what does haha.

This LBD takes LBD’s to a whole other level!! It’s deep V neck line is so flattering and the blazer button look give it the right mixture of sexy meets class! This is a a LBD I will be re wearing in the future for sure.

Bathing Suit Roundup!

Bikini’s are hard to link because they are mix and match and not particularly this season - I will list where I got them for reference though!

White top: Aerie

Pok-a-Dot Bottoms: Pac Sun

Cheetah top/Black high waisted bottoms: Amazon

Black Top: Pac Sun

Yellow top/ White bottoms: Aerie

Cheers to the warmer weather, xx

With Love,