Neutrals by the Sea

Shoes: DSW  Purse: Old Navy  Dress: Forever 21 similar dress here  Earrings: Grace similar pair here  Sunglasses: Express

Tassles, pom poms, leg slits, so much going on in one look, but who's complaining? Not me! 

This maxi dress is a keeper for sure. Very comfortable and basic with a little sexy leg slit and off the shoulder look to spice things up.  a maxi dress like this is perfect for so many occasions, parties, casual daytime wear or dinner attire. It gets the job done every time. A very versatile piece.

My favorite part of this look was the latest addition to my earring family. These yellow tassel earring are absolutely amazing. It was truly love at first sight. Yellow was definitely a step outside of the box for me, I tend to lean towards neutrals and anything pink, so I wanted to get some new colors in my wardrobe. What better way to start off then with a pop of color as vibrant as yellow! I also brought out the brown accent in my dress by accompanying it with brown sandals and a matching brown purse. I have had this same purse in pink for a few years now, also from Old Navy, and it is my all time favorite purse. It is the perfect size. Large enough to fit everything you need but still small enough to be the ideal cross body bag.  As much as I love my blush pink version of this bag I am so happy to finally have a neutral saddle bag to match everything.

xx mack 


Hippie & Happy In Portsmouth

It has been a while since I've written up a good travel post for y'all and one of my new blogging goals is to get back into blogging about my travels as well a fashion. Since traveling is another passion of mine and I do it fairly often, it shouldn't be too hard. My latest adventure was to Portsmouth, NH. A definite recommendation of mine. Being right on the water gave me all the homey feels with a quaint downtown vibe. With Kittery, Maine right over the bridge, tons of chic boutiques, to die for food and gorgeous scenery you will not be bored and you will most certainly be pleased with your visit. Since My roommate lives in Portsmouth we got the ultimate personal tour and were able to fit so much into one day. These are some of my favorite places, with fashion details at the end.

Maison Naviere

 Peach Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwhich - Cherry, Lemon, Black Raspberry, Blueberry

CALLING ALL MACAROON LOVERS!! Maison Naviere is a must! I am still drooling over the ice cream sandwich macaroon I devoured! Peach macaroon with vanilla bean ice cream, can I get a heck yeahhh! 

Breaking New Grounds (BNG)

Iced Latte w/ Cherry Shot

If you wanna be one with Portsmouth and you're really looking to fit right in with the locals go to what they call BNG. Breaking New Grounds is the local coffee shop with all your coffee and pastry needs. They even have some gelato which was out of this world, the mango gelato tasted like a freshly pureed mango, it was amazing. BNG is also a lovely spot to pop a squat and crack open your book, or (one of my favorite activities) people watch.

Prescott Park

Prescott Park is the perfect place to sit and enjoy that coffee from BNG or read your book. The flowers here are beautiful and they surround a water fountain perfect for just sitting and relaxing by, reading, a picnic or pictures! Sometimes you can even catch a play or live music in the park, grab a snack or a drink or how about both and enjoy yourself and the amazing community. 


Pizza lovers, this ones for you, but in flatbread form. Undoubtably one of my favorite places ever. One of the first places that caught my eye was a restaurant called Flatbread. I non stop bugged my family about it all day so naturally we had to have dinner there, and oh my goodness was it worth it! All their food is organic and absolutely delicious. We opted for a meat lovers flatbread and one of their specials, a buffalo chicken flatbread. SO GOOD!! I would drive all the way to New Hampshire, just to get me some flatbread from here. 

Old Ferry Landing

What would a trip to Portsmouth be without some seafood from the oldest waterfront restaurant in town. I ate my caesar salad with shrimp so fast I forgot to take a picture but trust me it was good and nothing beats lunch on the water.

Strawberry Banke

The perfect photo op location. I look at Strawberry Banke and think history. The old fashioned houses and the little village they create send me back in time, it's a blast from the past, but a beautiful site thats for sure.

Shirt: Forever 21  Pants: Aerie  Shoes: Jessica Simpson  Sunglasses: Ann Taylor Loft  Bracelet: LuLu's

When your outfit screams free and alive thats how you live life. A last minute trip to Portsmouth and a quick visit with my roomie was how I fulfilled this. Feeling super hippie-esque in these pants and sunnies but loving every minute of it and it's your lucky day because you can feel just as hippie and happy since these pants are on sale for only 16 dollars! I cant stop wearing these shoes, one of the comfiest pairs of block heels I have ever owned. They are just enough to give you some height but can still get you through a long day of walking around. Now thats a good pair of shoes.  And is my statement bracelet not adorable as well!? I swoon over anything with a turquoise stone, so this was a must.

Portsmouth isn't all beautiful water front views and food, I have to say I did a number on my wallet browsing through the downtown shops. Gus & Ruby and Serendipity were two of my favorites, reccomended to me of course by my friend Hannah, (also known as roommate) she knows shopping is my weakness - I got the cutest white lace dress from Serendipity which is sure to be making an appearance on the blog sooner or later, preferably sooner! And Gus & Ruby has all your nick nack needs, from planners, pencils and pens to wall decor coffee mugs and pins.

Next time you're looking for the perfect day trip, a place to go with your girlfriends or you're just bored jump in the car and head to Portsmouth, NH (that is if you live close enough to drive) but even if you aren't close enough to drive make sure to put it on your travel list. It is definitely a spot you wont want to miss. I know I will be back soon, maybe we will even bump into each other! 

xx mack

p.s Head over to my travels page to see some more picture from my time spent in Portsmouth! 



Sheer Dreams

Shirt: Forever 21 similar shirt here & here  Shoes: Adidas  Shorts: Grace  Bag: Old Navy  Sunglasses: Similar pair here  Earrings: Grace similar pair here

This shirt has to be one of my favorite purchases everrrr! There is so much to love about this shirt, I can not get over this ruffled off the shoulder loveliness! This shirt makes me feel like I'm floating on air, it is so light and ruffled bell sleeve should be the next top trend because I can't stop obsessing over them. Also, who would have thought long sleeves in the summer would be ideal? With this sheer shirt and bralette combo though anything is possible! 

Can we please talk about these vintage Marc Jacob sunnies I found for 2 BUCKS!! Yes, you heard right, 2 bucks. Is that a steal or what?? This has to be the best deal I have ever gotten and it was a complete accident. My friends asked me to stop into a mom and pop shop called Tumbleweeds, in downtown Niantic and these little pretties just happened to catch my eye and to my surprise they were only 2 little dollars! I have been sporting them with every outfit I possibly could lately because I am in lovee with them and the way they instantly make me feel so chic. Any pair of sunnies that makes me feel 10 times cooler behind the lenses is a win in my book.

Keep an eye out for more ways to wear this shirt because it is bound to be popping up on the blog a lot in the future, I kept it casual this time around, but there are so many ways to work this shirt.

xx mack



Transferring: From a Setter to a Ram

Change can be scary. I've never been one to really like change, it has always been something that causes me stress and anxiety. In the same sense, change can be good. It opens up new doors, it allows you to embark on new journeys and have new experiences, although it might take a few adjustments, it can be just what you need. Everyone makes mistakes, we can't always get things right the first time, no matter how much we want to or how hard we try.

After less than a semester at Pace University, I realized I loved the city and all it had to offer me but the school was not for me. I missed sports and the social aspect of a community. Living directly in the city at a school with little to no campus restricted me from experiencing a traditional college experience. Making friends became difficult because nobody had time to hangout, everyone was go go go, and always running on city time. I even understood this, since I went to school full time and had a 3 day a week internship, there was always so little time and so much to do, however; I still left time open to be a normal college student who wanted to hangout and/or go out with friends on the weekends. I am so glad that I spent my first year at Pace, I do not in any way regret my decision to attend Pace for a year. I think Pace offered me great opportunities that I may not have experienced at another college or university. I was able to be apart of an amazing club called Profashionals which I will miss dearly, this club provided me with great opportunities and open a lot of doors for me in the fashion field within a short amount of time and I am very grateful to have been able to be apart of this club. I will use all the skills and networking opportunities I gained because of this club in all my future endeavors and I look forward to being apart of something similar at Fordham.

Since, I love the city so much and have a special place in my heart for it, I have decided to stay nice and close by jumping boroughs next semester. With that being said, I will being attending Fordham University in the Bronx this coming Fall. I could not be happier with my decision to apply to Fordham. It took me a while to admit that Fordham was my dream school but once I did I never looked back. Even as a senior in high school I had always loved Fordham, I had even visited and showed a lot of interest in the school. I spent most of my weekends at Pace visiting my friends at Fordham. Every weekend I was there I realized more and more that I was having a better time, that I was enjoying myself, making friends and that I didn't want to go back to Pace at the end of the weekend, that I wanted to stay at Fordham. This was a red flag. I went to Fordham's sporting events, their homecoming weekend and their spring weekend, these are things Pace doesn't  have but were so much fun I could not image a college experience without them. Another red flag. The final red flag; one of my best friends had come to visit me at Pace for the weekend, soon after winter break and had told me that she was thinking about transferring, thats when I realized that it was okay if I wanted to transfer, it happens and people do it all the time. I had not told anyone yet that I wanted to transfer, but it had been months since this idea popped into my head. With in a week I told my mom I wanted to apply to Fordham for the Fall semester she was shocked because I had not hinted to anything like this at all. Simply because I didn't want to admit that something was missing that I wasn't completely happy with my choice to attend Pace, after all I cried when I was accepted to Pace I thought that was the place I would spend the next 4 years, I thought Pace was my dream school. The way I look at it though is Fordham will be able to give me everything Pace has and more. I will only be a 20 min train ride away from the city, which still allows me access to internship opportunities and all the city perks, but now I will also get an actual campus with sports, more of a social life and a traditional college experience. Fordham can fill the void.

Now you're probably wondering why Fordham wasn't in the picture before, I said I was interested in the school, why didn't I look at Fordham when applying to colleges? This is because I was rejected from Fordham. Yes it happens!!! But, I'm still alive it wasn't the end of the world and now I am about to spend the next 3 years there. Just because you can't get in to your dream school/ top school right out of high school doesn't mean it is a definite no, do well your first semester or first year of college and apply again, it is much easier to get in as a transfer student if you can prove that you can handle college with good grades and campus involvement.

I never thought I would be transferring one year into my college experience let alone at all, but here I am and I can not be more excited to be a Ram! I can tell already I'm happier and more at ease with my decision. This process has been a lot of work and brought me lots of stress as well as caused me lots of tears with the anticipation of finding out if Fordham would be my home for the next 3 years, but I am happy to say it was all worth it. For anyone thinking about transferring, don't feel like its wrong or like it isn't normal, do what is best for you. Even if you're unsure apply anyways you can always turn down your acceptance, but you cant go back and apply once due dates have passed.

If you are thinking about transferring, or already know you want to transfer and have any questions that I didn't answer in this post comment and I would be more than happy to answer them.


xx mack

Disclaimer: Just because Pace was not for me, doesn't mean it can't be for you! If you are interested in what Pace has to offer or want to live in the city Pace is a great school and I would highly recommend giving it a visit.

All Choked up About Lace

Romper: Vici Dolls  Shoes: Nordstroms  Bralette: Aerie  Necklace: Lulu's

Throw back to last week when I was living my best life in Nashville, in this ever so cute romper from Vici Dolls!  

Vici Dolls, if you haven't heard of it, was recommended to me by a friend and I have not stopped buying stuff since! It's my hidden treasure and I'm sharing it with you guys, so now its our little secret! They have great clothing for reasonable prices.

This light lace romper definitely helped me beat the heat while sweltering in the southern sunshine. And I love it so much, I might even be thinking about buying the dress version of this romper. I put a little country twist on this outfit with my latest bootie find. Some Jeffrey Campbell's that I snatched up from Nordstrom. Chic and comfy is all I have to say about these bad boys and they definitely stood out next to all the traditional cowboy boots.

Another twist I added to the outfit is the latest and greatest, must have. You guessed it, a choker. Tie up chokers are adorable and can be worn pretty much any way you want. Wrap it around multiple times, keep it short or long, tie it in a bow or leave it hanging. It's really up to you! Which is such a great quality for an accessory to have. 

Since I already let in you in on one secret today, I might as well let you in on another. My bralette is on sale for 10 bucks!! YES! I said 10 bucks!! So, since bras are so overrated go pick yourself up this comfy little bralette in up to 6 different colors! I practically live in bralettes so when I see a deal this good, I cant pass it up.

Side note, the summer sun has finally worked its way up to Connecticut so I've been enjoy the sunshine lately as I'm sure all of you have too!  That means, I can finally break out all the summer clothes and hopefully put away my rain boots and rain coat for a little while! Bring on SUMMER!

xx mack

Studs, Stripes, Tassels

Dress: Urban Outfitters (Similar one linked here)  Shoes: Jessica Simpson  Earrings: Grace  Sunnies: Urban Outfitters

I've had this dress for a while but haven't been able to find a pair of shoes that I think look best with it, until now!

I will admit I have a bit of a shoe addiction and to feed into that addiction I went and bought myself a new pair of Jessica Simpson block heels that I am in loveeee with! I have been looking for a pair of studded beauts like these and finally came across these babes. They are super comfortable and practical. Their short block heel makes it easy to dress to the nines and strut your stuff without having to think "pain is beauty" the entire time you're wearing them.

I seem to be on an accessories kick lately too because I am also sporting a new pair of tassel earrings that I got from Grace. They are so much fun and I like that the actual part that goes into your ear is a stud so it doesn't pull on your ear, but you still get all the fun of dangly earrings! 

This look was perfect for the Nashville heat I experienced this past week with its strapless style and midi length. This dress was all around on point. An A+ in my books.

xx mack

Boho in Nashville

Shoes: Nordstrom  Dress: Grace  Bracelet: Old - Similar one linked here  Sunnies: Ray Ban

Howdy y'all, we touched down in Nashville yesterday!

This girl is in country music heaven. I absolutely love Nashville, theres nothing better than southern food, southern hospitality and live country music. All. Day. Long.

My first day look was super comfortable, this dress is from my favorite hometown boutique, Grace Stores. Its loose fit is perfect for the hot weather down here, and this color is all the rage lately (seeing as I just accidentally bought three pieces of clothing in this color). This dress gives off all the right boho vibes, am I right? Boho isn't my normal style, but it's always fun to mix things up now and then. I might even make it a regular thing, I like it that much!

Now lets talk shoes! I have been dying to wear these babies, country meets fashion is what's happening here! I had a hard time choosing a color when buying these beauties but I'm super glad I went with the taupe and even stepped out of my comfort zone with the snake skin detail. They are super easy to match with and they totally make me feel super bad ass. What more can you ask for. The comfort level of these bad boys is also very impressive. After walking around in them all day, besides the normal tired feet, I had no complaints! 

Stick around for more Nashville outfits coming this way! My suitcase was only 7 pounds over weight this trip, which means there are more outfits where this came from! 

xx mack

Hi, Hello, Salut!

Shirt: J Crew  Shoes: Nordstrom  Skirt: Urban Outfitters  Purse: Old Navy  Ascot: J Crew  Sunnies: H&M

BRB jetting off to Paris... I wish! This outfit gives me all the right vibes.

A little Parisian and a tad preppy, so much to love in just one outfit.

I've had a thing for ascots lately. I mean, how could I pass up this gingham beauty for only 10 bucks at J Crew! Ascots have been my go to accessory, they add the perfect, classy flare to any outfit. 

Graphic tees are always the way to go. They keep things cute and comfy but can be dressed up with a few accessories. For me all it took was an ascot and wedges, its as simple as that! Perfect for an outdoor dinner with the girlfriends, date night, or a walk around downtown. This outfit really gets the job done! 

Do not be afraid to accessorize, sometimes thats the best part. Often times it even makes the outfit.

xx mack

Pink Jean, Pink Tassels

Shirt: Express (similar shirt linked here)  Shoes: DSW  Jeans: Express  Jacket: H&M  Sunnies: Urban Outfitters  Earnings: Grace Stores (similar pair linked here)

When am I not wearing pink!? Pretty much anything pink you can be sure you will find in my closet. Today I'm sharing just a few of my pink beauties, a pink, cropped, jean jacket and adorable pink tassel earrings, both of which are relatively new to my wardrobe. I've had a few people stop and ask me if I cut my jacket myself and the answer to that is, nope! Just as you see it is how I purchased it! I love a good purchase that looks DIY. And I'm so excited to share my latest accessory find with y'all! My pink tassel earrings are from my favorite local shop Grace, and I am in love with them! I had been wanting a pair of tassel earrings for a while now and has been holding out, but when I stopped into Grace and these little guys were at my finger tips I couldn't resist any longer, I snatched them up along with another pair of earrings which will be coming to the blog soon!

This is a relatively casual and comfortable look. I threw this on to get dinner with my family and it was perfect for just grabbing a quick bite to eat. Espadrilles sneakers need to be the next craze though because let me tell you, so cute, so stylish, SO comfortable! They are the whole package. With a coupon my mom found for DSW these babies were only about 30 dollars! Sneaks like these are perfect travel shoes for destinations where you'll be doing lots of walking but aren't trying to compromise a cute outfit with athletic sneakers or they are simply good for just making an outfit cute and casual if you aren't looking to get too dressy.  

Try this look out for your next casual outting. 

        xx mack

Last Minute Outfit Done Right!

Shirt: H&M  Skirt: H&M  Shoes: NYLON Shop

Check out this stylish yet formal outfit! A few weeks back I wore this to a networking event and today I'm sharing it with all my loves! 

 Honestly, this was a last minute throw together and I couldn't be happier with the results. I have been living in these shoes lately even though they were a purchase for my upcoming trip to Nashville!! They are so cute I couldn't resist wearing them a little earlier than planned and believe it or not they are from the lovely NYLON Shop! I do suggest sizing up with them though as they are a little snug and you will see that NYLON Shop suggest the same thing if you check out the details. The rest of my outfit happens to be from H&M but they are basics that can are easy to find. What we have here is just a super simple throw together and I can't think of anything better than that.

xx mack

Starting Spring In Pastels

Sunnies: Urban Outfitters (similar ones linked) Shirt: J Crew  Shoes: J Crew  Ascot: J Crew  Overalls: Forever 21

I pranced around the city in this little number yesterday and it was perfect for the beautiful, but not yet super warm, spring weather! These overalls were a steal from forever 21 that were recommended to me by my roommate. I am so glad she thought of me when she saw these pink beauties! They are perfect for giving off that spring vibe with their pink, pastel color. The rest of my outfit can be found at the one and only J Crew. Shoes, shirt and ascot. I picked up this shirt and ascot on sale at J Crew the other day and am so glad I did. This shirt is super comfortable and can be dressed up or worn as a basic tee. I sized up and am wearing a size medium, for a more laid back look, I  even cuffed my sleeves to give it more of baggier comfy look. 

Now that I am winding down with school I hope to be posting more often, I am aiming for atleast twice a week, so stay tuned for more consistent posts! 

xx mack

Photography by: Hanna Morrisse @hannam_music

Pantsuit Party

Jumpsuit: Forever 21 (Similar one linked here)  

Remember that time I went to Jamaica? Well here's another outfit from my week in paradise in honor of the incredibly beautiful weather we have been having here in New England the past few days.

There isn't much to say except that, this jumpsuit will rock your world. A perfect dinner outfit that is light weight and comfortable, add just about any pair of heels you have a winner. With a loud pattern that can stand alone, no accessories are necessary. A jumpsuit that speaks volumes on its own is a jumpsuit worth having.

xoxo Mack


Orange & Overalls

Overalls: Forever 21  Shoes: Nordstrom (Similar Pair) Hat: Banana Republic  Sunnies: Urban Outfitters

I am totally 100% missing paradise right now, and wishing for an infinite dose of vitamin sea. The closest I'm going to get to paradise right now is these pictures so today I'm sharing a relaxed kick around outfit from my travels. 

 This outfit is the epitome of simple! Starting with overalls being the answer to all your problems, they can be a cover up, a layering piece or just a fun statement. Then pick a shirt, any shirt and a fun pair of shoes to make things exciting and your outfit is complete. If they aren't already I highly recommend you add espadrilles to your spring must have's list! These slip on espadrilles are extremely comfortable and are the perfect spring pop of color with their warm orange-y flare.

Only 2 more outfits from paradise to keep us thinking of warmer places. Then we might just have to jet off again, or we are out of luck! 

xx Mack

Travel in Style

Joggers: H&M  Sneakers: Adidas  Shirt: Shopbop  Jacket: Old Navy  Sunnies: H&M  Suitcase: Macy's  Carry On Bag: Longchamp

Gotta love that yellow airport lighting, but all is good because I'm finally sharing my travel outfit from last weeks getaway! I always like to travel in my comfies because who wants to be in a car, plane and/or airport for hours in anything other than a comfortable outfit. 

Lets start with my must have jogger sweat pants, they are by far the comfiest joggers I have ever worn, I haven't gotten out of these babies since I bought them! They are on sale an now under $15 and 100% a must have, they come in 7 other colors in the regular fit (linked here for under $20) and in 2 other colors in the skinny fit. I am wearing a size small in skinny fit so I would say they run a little on the bigger side. I am also wearing a size small in the almost matching shorts! They didn't have the exact color so I had to settle for a washed out plum color, still super cute though and a perfect airport change for when I got to hot, sunny Jamaica. Since it was freezing in NY there was no way I was heading to the airport in shorts so I packed them in my carry on and did a quick outfit change when I arrived keeping the same outfit but with shorts. Super cute, super fun.

I always like to have one "travel outfit" ,as me and my mom like to call it, to wear on my travels both to and from my destination. This eliminates having to bring separate outfits for each day of traveling and creates more space for the good stuff! 

Always travel in style!

More outfits from my getaway coming soon so be sure to check back.

xx Mack


Poolside Prints and Pok-a-Dots

Bathing Suit Top: Kate Spade  Cover Up: Forever 21  Hat: Etsy  Sunnies: H&M

Back to reality today, but still stuck in vacay mode!

As my girl crush Miranda Lambert would say, "my pink sunglasses, always makes the world look a little bit better", which is so true and just one reason why this poolside look was a favorite from my trip. Get these shades for under 10 dollars from H&M! 

Anything pok-a-dotted makes me smile and of course Kate Spade knows how to win me over, but we all know bathing suits can be expensive so I went the cheap route and bought just the Kate Spade top then paired it with a generic pair of black bottoms. Who would ever know!? Then I mixed prints with pok-a-dots by adding a floral cover up, for a little pop.

 Of course my infamous Love & Labels hat appears again. This hat makes me feel so glamorous, its definitely an eye catcher plus completely personalized which I adore and its perfect for blocking out sun. So many perks, so much to love about one little hat!

Keep in touch, more outfits from my trip will be on the blog soon!

xoxo Kenz

Pom-Pom's and Palm Trees

Jumpsuit: Aerie  Clutch: Tuckernuck  Shoes: DSW  Sunglasses: Ray Bans

Please ignore the very pink (and yes also very painful) sunburn and feast your eyes on one of my fav and first outfit of the trip! This jumpsuit was a last minute pick up from Aerie, pre vacation and boy am I glad I snagged it! It also comes in black online and in stores I saw an olive green version. It is very light, which is perfect for hot and humid destinations (and does wonders for sunburned skin!) The thing I love about this jumpsuit and really most jumpsuits to be honest is it has a palazzo pants feel and I LOVE palazzo pants! How can you not they are the most comfortable piece of clothing ever and they are totally acceptable to wear in public, that's what I'm talking about!

Guess what else I'm talking about!? My to die for Tuckernuck pom-pom clutch! Tiny little colorful pom-poms make me happy! This clutch is spacious, which I find to be a bonus since most clutches can't even fit a pair of sunglasses in them and it matches more than you can imagine with its multicolored pom-pom madness.

Thanks for stopping by, I'll catch up with you soon!

xoxo Kenz

Jamaican Me Crazy

Water Bottle: Swell  Bathing Suit: Aerie  Sunglasses: Ray Ban  Flip-Flops: Tory Burch  Portable Charger: Anthropologie  Passport Cover: Kate Spade  Hat: Etsy  Pineapple Cup: Urban Outfitters  Kimono: Forever 21  Crop Top: Forever 21  Palazzo Pants: Forever 21  Brown Sandals: DSW  Make-up Bag: Nordstroms  Travel Bag: Longchamp

(I have linked similar items if my exact items were unavailable)


The count down is real y'all! I'm off to Jamaica in the morning, so I've put together a little guide for what to include in your carry on, check it out!

First and foremost, and most importantly, when traveling out of the country do not forget your passport! Get a cute passport cover or whatever you need to do to remember it. Trust me you'll be super annoyed if you get all the way to the airport only to discover you can't get through security. My current passport cover is Kate Spade and its cute pok-a-dot print makes me want to bring it everywhere, making it near impossible to forget.

I always like to pack a beach outfit, which for me is a bathing suit, a cover up, my flip flops, sunglasses and a hat. This means less time digging through my suitcase for an outfit and more time soaking up the rays! My bathing suit choice this time around was my new, pink one -piece from Aerie, matched with a floral cover up from Forever 21, and of course my beloved customized hat! I can not wait to sport this chic beachy look this week, I'm excited already!

 Along with your beach outfit, you're carry on should also include one outfit in case your luggage comes late or is lost (hopefully this never happens to anyone!) But, in the rare occurence that it does it is always nice to have just a couple back up pieces. This assures that no matter  what you won't miss any vacay time! I went for a versatile look that can be worn day or night, a pair of olive palazzo pants with a cream crop top and brown lace up sandals. I won't be missing any vacay time thats for sure! 

Miscellaneous items I always like to include are 1) a portable charger, mines from Anthro and has the most adorable flamingos flamingling all over it! LOVE! 2) A water bottle, which has to be empty until you reach the other side of the gates at the airport, but I always like to bring my own water bottle to fill up for the plane ride or to use at the beach throughout the week. This go around I'm using a Swell water bottle. They are great for the beach because they keep whatever you're drinking ice cold all day long! 3) A good read! I am a huge beach reader, so I always make sure I have one or sometimes two good reads for a beach get away. Put it in your carry on and you can start it on the plane! 4) My selfie prep kit! A.K.A my make up bag. It's always nice to have your make up bag handy at all times you never know when you might need to freshen up and it makes for easy access when you reach your destination. 5) The t-shirt is all for the beach vibes 6) Last ,but not least I threw in my pineapple cup, this way you can get your cocktail (or mocktail) in style! Cheers!

Pack everything up in your favorite carry on bag, and hasta la vista, you're ready for you're beach getaway! Im traveling with my Le Pliage XL travel Longchamp bag in black. It fits everything, the perfect carry on item.

Hope this finds you well for your next travels. I'm out of here early in the AM. I will be trying to blog while away, but I'm not sure how much internet access I will have so bare with me! 

xoxo Kenz




Cheetah Print & Leather

Shoes: Urban Outfitters  Jeans: Levis (Vintage Twin)  Belt: Urban Outfitters  Jacket: Charlotte Russe  Shirt: Forever 21  Sunnies: Ray Ban

Feeling bad to the bone in this get up. Leather and cheetah is a no fail combo for any day of the week, and these cheetah print babies, linked above, are on sale! Scoop them up while you can they are super sassy and just as comfy. I've also been loving these high wasted, vintage jeans I picked up back at the beginning of the fall. They add that extra something to a look. Mine happen to be from a pop up store called The Vintage Twin, but vintage jeans are super easy to thrift and cost way less! I was unable to find my exact jeans so I've linked The Vintage Twin website incase you want to check out some of their other clothing, as well as a similar pair of Levis from ASOS. Shop away!

xoxo Kenz

A Look To Love

Shoes: Zara  Pants: Express  Sweater: Urban Outfitters  Lipstick: Mac Coat: H&M (similar one linked here)  Hat: Nordstroms

Valentines day has come and gone but I have yet to share my love for this look! 

This look leans towards the more neutral side to allow my sweet, little, red babies to share their pop of color. My new kicks were a steal from Zara, only 30 bucks for these shiny eye catchers, can you believe that!? Their baby block heels give you just enough height and style to rock them all day long. A beanie is always a great idea as well, especially for me in the city its nice to style a cute hat with an outfit to help keep warm. I love the depth, my leopard beanie brings to this outfit with its pattern.

Let's talk tops now. Urban has me crushing on my new sweater. I have had my eye on this sweater for a while and finally broke down and treated myself. Because... Love yourself!  If you're looking to buy this sweater, as I highly recommend you do seeing as its super cozy, I suggest sizing up. I am wearing a size large. I prefer my sweaters to be more on the unfitted side for a comfier/ more laid back look. 

I will be trying to post more constantly on my blog, but bare with me! This semester I have taken on an internship 3 days a week and have classes the remaining 2 days. This leaves me little free time, but I plan to dedicate that free time to getting my blog back up to speed and keeping y'all update with all things fashion! 

xoxo Kenz


Gray Scale

Shirt: Zara  Shoes: Steve Madden  Scarf: ILYMIX (similar one linked) Belt: Urban Outfitters  Coat: Forever 21  (similar one linked) Jeans: Zara 

I'm back in my city y'all! Oh how I missed NYC. And yes I died my hair pink! Surprise (; My true colors finally came out.

It is so nice to be back and roaming around in the hustle and bustle that epitomizes NYC. But of course my first weekend back called for a day out and about with my roomie and this is what I conjured up for an outfit! 

The wind has been brutal here lately so its been tough trying to stay warm. My new coat from Forever 21 has made the cold 100x more bearable. It locks in warmth and screams cute, it was love at first sight. Speaking of love, my new Steve Madden, platform, sneakers are the best! Pom poms make everything a little more fun if I do say so myself. I got these baby's at Nordstroms and they come in black and peach in addition to the gray. Bell sleeves have my heart just as much as pom poms though. Despite the shirts neutral gray color the bell sleeves and ribbed style give it an awesome flare. No color doesn't mean no style, the gray scale colors allowed me to let my pink hair pop, and give an edgy style to the look. I felt fierce and fashionable (as one always should) running around the city in this get up. 

Stay fierce & fashionable.

Xoxo Kenz