A Furry Fall Frenzy

Vest: Grace Stores (Local shop)  Pants: J Crew  Boots: Tory Burch  Purse: Old Navy

There is nothing like the annual trip to Clydes for some apple cider and cider donuts! While living in New York has been amazing, I knew heading home this weekend was a must to kick off fall. Back home Clydes is always an absolute must and I for sure was not going to miss a Clydes season. So I headed home for the weekend and brought along my roomies to show them the CT ropes. I also ran into one of my hometown besties, Shea, who was also home for the weekend so we met up at Clydes. Nothing beats seeing your friends from home, so it was great to catch up after being at school for a few weeks now. 

Before coming home for the weekend my mom told me it was sweater weather (she lied) so although its not quite time to get all the cozy sweaters out, I was at least able to break out my Tory boots. Boy, how I missed these babies! I was still able to style a fall look though, while not sweltering in the, oddly, still relatively warm September weather. I just paired a short sleeve tee with my super cute fur vest and volia! Can you tell I am SO ready for fall!? 

Hope y'all are having a fabulous Monday! Thanks for stopping by, talk to you soon!

                      Xoxo Kenz



Laudree All Day

Shirt: Necessary Clothing  Pants: J Crew  Shoes: Zara  Purse: Old Navy

It's official, I've found love. Next time you're in SoHo and looking for a bomb french dessert do as they say and "treat yo self". Laudree is an ABSOLUTE must, I repeat, ABSOLUTE must. I was and still am, swooning over their sweet treats, but how can you not is the real question!? Rich hot chocolate, house made macaroons, ice creams, pastries and the list keeps on going! Besides NYC eats, the city life is treating me well, not to mention I finally got to wear my new off the shoulder shirt that I've been dying to show off. I also rocked my first city purchase since moving in, my new rose pink loafers, which were a total steal. Only 30 bucks from Zara's! Sale items you rock my world!

Hope everyones having a fab week. Thanks for stopping by!

Xoxo Kenz


Places & Spaces

Im back! And this time I'm writing to you all from my new home (yes I can finally call it my home!), NYC, how exciting! Move in weekend is officially over and my room is finally unpacked and put together, thank god! The view is unbelievable, overlooking Broadway, it doesn't get much better. It's breath taking and absolutely crazy that I get to wake up to such a view every morning and walk the streets of the city everyday. What a way to get the college experience, right!?

Besides the city, I am completely in love with my dorm decor! I had so much fun decorating and picking out a new layout, gold accents just kept winning me over, nothing wrong with that though! Gold and pok-a-dots for the win. And oh my, check out my light up flamingo, is it awesome or is it awesome? Its awesome! Its the perfect focal piece and so fab. I can't get enough of it. So much love for my dorm room. Oh! and sidenote, the jumpsuit I'm wearing, by far the comfiest piece of clothing I've ever worn!! I can thank Grace Stores for that purchase!

Classes start Wednesday so stay tuned for a first day outfit and all that follows!

                  Xoxo Kenz

In a Blink of an Eye

Jeans: Nordstroms  Shirt: Nordstroms  Sunnies: Free People  Shoes: Tory Burch

...And in a blink of an eye... Almost a week till I move into school, which is why I have been MIA lately. So much packing, shopping, list making and so much more its un real! And there is still more to do with in the next week! AHHHHHHH! But anyways, last night was "The Last Supper" I said goodbye to all my girls as they all head their separate ways this weekend, sad and exciting at the same time. We grew up together and spent so much time with each other, so its hard to believe this is going to be the first time in 10+ years that we wont be playing sports together or going to the same school or spending every Monday night watching the Bachelor or hanging out every weekended. But I know bright futures lie ahead of them and could not be more excited for all my girls. Xoxo. (And yes thats my friend Claire taped to a plastic spoon. She started at the Coast Guard Academy back in July so we taped her face to a plastic spoon and take her picture with us whenever we go somewhere since she cant actually be there with us! Clever right!?)

This shirt perfectly describes how I'm feeling on this cloudy Friday though. Tired. With my final days of work, all the goodbyes and so many college to do's theres has been no rest time so I finally took the opportunity to sleep in this morning and it has never felt better! This shirt was actually a lovely little b-day present from my mama and its a perfect throw on for those days when you cant really decide what to wear but you're still looking for a cute look. You can never have enough graphic tees, they are wardrobe life savers!

Thanks for stopping by, bare with me as they next week is going to be hectic!

                           Xoxo Kenz

Wearing Blue, Not Feeling Blue

Dress: Forever 21  Shoes: Steve Madden  Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

This baby blue mini dress is definitely one of my all time favsss! I love the halter style and everything about this dress, it is just so complimenting and I can't get enough of it! It's completely simple and to the point but something about it makes me so happy! You can shop this summer mini at Forever 21 for ONLY $12.90! Now thats a total steal if I do say so myself! And while I love the light blue color it also comes in olive green and black so you've got a few choices. Or better yet get all 3!

As summer comes to an end things are stating to get a little hectic. Lots of school and dorm shopping and MANY goodbyes. While I'm ready for fall and a new chapter, I'm not so sure I'm ready to say all these goodbyes 😢 But on the bright side as September approaches that means fall clothes can start to come into full force and thats a majorrrr bonus! As much as I love the summer sun I live for fall. Bring on the sweater weather!

Enjoy the rest of your week and I'll talk to you all soon!

                           Xoxo Kenz

Lilly Lovin'

Romper: Lilly pulitzer  Shoes: Jack Rogers  Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Wishing I was back on the streets of this beautiful island right about now.

There's no better way to fit in in Nantucket than with a few classics, Lilly and Jacks. Now at first I thought I was taking a big risk wearing pants in the sweltering heat, but a big shout out to Lilly for their light airy material because I never once was uncomfortably hot, or found myself wishing I hadn't worn a pants suit, I was Lilly lovin' on this particular day! And please tell me who goes to Nantucket and doesn't get a Lobster roll? Thats right not me!...Okay so maybe I don't eat lobster and maybe I didn't get a lobster roll, but someone had to get one! So I volunteered the BF. Trust me he wasn't complaining😉 As for my food request, We made a pit stop at the Juice Bar for moi! (It's deceiving because its not actually a juice bar... its and ice cream shop, even Better, right!) I even had time to find the Lilly jeep, which wasn't too hard considering it was right in front of the Lilly store haha😜

Anyways until next time Nantucket, talk to you soon everyone!

                  Xoxo Kenz

Cape Cod Colors

Dress: Madewell  Clutch: Tuckernuck  Shoes: Converse  Fedora: old  Baseball cap: Pac Sun

My Cape Cod, birthday weekend in a nutshell ladies and gents!

No better way to celebrate the big one eight (18!) than on the cape. Cape Cod has become an annual getaway for me and the fam, and I am not complaining one bit! I mean how can you when you get endless amount of salt water taffy and sand bars that you can walk for miles! And yes thats right I said salt water taffy! I hope I'm not the only one that is head over heals for this stuff! I wouldn't want to eat my weight in salt water taffy any where else either. The Cape is the place to go for some good old fashioned, home made, taffy. I highly recommend the Salt Water Taffy place, its taffy heaven. 31 flavors of deliciousness, made right in front of you. Nothing better.

As much as I am in love with salt water taffy though I think Im more in love with my new clutch from Tuckernuck! It is multicolor pom pom madness! I love it! One of the b-day presents I received from my lovely mother, she knows me too well! And of course it matched my super comfy shift dress that I just had to have from Madewell. Don't ask me why, but something about this dress just kept telling me I have to have it, so after about 4 trips to Madewell I finally broke down and bought it. It was SO worth it. 

Keep in touch to see my Lilly loaded outfit from Nantucket!

                           Xoxo Kenz  

        P.s. If you didn't notice my birthday cupcakes take a look! The cutest flocking cupcakes you ever did see! Specially made for me from Vesta's Bakery in Westerly RI. I can't get enough of them! My Flamingo obsession get worse by the day. Don't they just want to make you flamingle!?


Off to the Races

Dress: local boutique in Vermont  Shoes: Jack Rogers  Purse: Kate Spade  

The rain put a little damper on our original plans but we still managed to get a day in at the tracks! My mom, dad and I watched the races then headed into town for shopping (of course!) and dinner. It was the perfect little day trip even despite the weather. Saratoga adorable and quaint, it's the ideal breakaway spot for those days when you need a little breather. 

And of course its always fun to dress for the race tracks. Although I left my floppy hat behind this time due to the rain, I still got to wear this super cute, white, sun dress that I found poking around Woodstock when I was there a few days ago. I also love the pop of color my Kate Spade, cross body adds to the look, it spices up the little white dress with out completely taking away from its simplicity. Don't Worry though, I will have a second shot at the race track look when I go back for Tavers Day in a few weeks!

Stay Tuned! Next stop Cape Cod and incase you didn't know.... IT'S BIRTH WEEK!!! I'll be celebrating with friends tonight then Saturday I'm off to Brewster for my b-day trip with the fam and boyfriend! Lots of good stuff going on this week.

                       Xoxo Kenz


Another Day, Another Hike

Shirt: Target  Shorts: Lulu Lemon  Sports bra: Lululemon  Sneakers: Nike  Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Shirt: Fabletics  Leggings: Marshalls  Sports Bra: Lululemon  Sneakers: Nike  Hat: Nike  Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I'm back! For now (;

I spent the last few days enjoying some peace and quiet up in Stockbridge, Vermont, where my Great Aunt lives. There isn't much to do up in good old VT except enjoy the beauty of nature, so thats exactly what we did. I was only there for a short three days, but in those three days I hiked two different trails and was able to see some breathtaking views. 

I spent every summer in Vermont as a kid, so going back year after year its amazing to see how time changes things. I hiked those trails as a little one and seeing them now was nostalgic and just plain awesome. I loved every second of it. I felt on top of the world at the tops of those trails, its amazing what a little fresh air and nature can do for you!

We also paid a visit to Woodstock. Visiting this cute little town is always a must, there isn't much to it, just a few little shops but the atmosphere is completely worth the while.

Of course after a few long hikes, some well deserved ice cream was called for! So we headed down to just about the only and most popular restaurant in town, Toziers, for my favorite ice cream. My ice cream of choice was Maine Black Bear (vanilla ice cream w/ raspberry swirls and chocolate cups filled with raspberry) yummm, I definitely recommend it!

Vermont is pretty low key, so there isn't much need for any outfits other than comfy clothes. So instinctively I broke out some of my fav workout apparel. Lululemon is an obsession of mine so don't be surprised to see a crazy amount of it popping up, I cant help myself its all sooo cute! Also sneak a peak at my new sneaks! I'm wearing Nike Prestos and they are beyond comfortable, I highly recommend getting yourself a pair, they're great for working out and the past few days they were just the shoes I needed for hiking. 

Now I'm off to the races! I'm heading to Saratoga Springs tomorrow one of my favorite little getaways, horse races, shopping and lunch downtown, nothing gets better than that. talk to ya soon!

                          Xoxo Kenz


New York and Ninety Degrees

Shirt: Aerie  Shorts: Aerie  Shoes: Steve Madden  Purse: Old Navy  Bralette: Aerie

A weekend in the city never disappoints. 

I went to college orientation this past weekend and it made me all the more eager to be living in the city, September can't come soon enough! Go Setters!

While in the city I took an extra day to check a few things off my bucket list. I went to the original Black Tap in SoHo, where I waited two hours in the blazing heat for an out of this world burger and two delicious milkshakes. They were to die for! So despite the heat I would definitely say the wait was worth the while. And I highly recommend the cookie and the sour power milkshake. Yum! Add that to your bucket list!

I also took a trip over to Chelsea Market to walk the High Line, and let me tell you what a view. The High line runs for over a mile in length so there is plenty to see. There is music, snacks and drinks and of course chairs to sit back and just relax. This might just be my new hangout spot come September.

As for my outfit, I saw these shorts in Aeire and thought they were the cutest thing ever! And you know I'm a lover of comfy clothes, especially when wandering the city, so guess what, they're super comfortable too! On a hot day like this one this outfit was just the thing for keeping as cool as possible. Although thats really hard to do when it is 99 degrees out! But my shirt was extremely light and the bralette was the perfect touch. The less layers the better on days like these. Also, check out my new Steve Madden kicks! aren't they awesome!? I just love them, they're super chic and add a fun presence to the outfit.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm off to Vermont tomorrow, make sure to check back in with me this weekend, maybe sooner if I can find a little wifi up in the mountains (;

                          Xoxo Kenz

Keep Palm and Carry On

Romper: J Crew  Shoes: Target  Sunnies: Express  

If there is a romper out there that is better than this tropical beauty please let me know. This look has beach vibes written all over!

It is perfect for a hot summer night, which we have had a lot of here lately. This romper is a very light weight material and allows for so much breathability, which was just the thing for my walk on the beach. There really is not much more to say about this stylin' little number, it speaks for itself with its fun print and its an easy throw together. Add a few dainty accessories and you're ready to go in no time. The gold bar necklaces that I styled with this outfit are from separate places, one is from Etsy and the other one I received in my FitFabFun box (more details to come on that in a future post).

Happy Tuesday everyone, be sure to check out my follow me page and link up with me on Instagram and Pintrest as well!

             Xoxo Kenz

Flower Power

Dress: Forever 21  Shoes: Steve Madden Jacket: Target  Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I am totally feeling the flower power.

This mini dress is absolutely perfect, it can be worn in the summer and partly into the fall with its burnt orange color. One dress for two seasons, now thats what I call a great deal!

Of course I found this dress while running errands the other day and and shouldn't have been shopping but I had to have it. There is no time when I am not in shopping mode, its like a super power! (and yes I am wearing my Steve Madden lace up sandals AGAIN! at this point I feel like I practically live in them, but I just cant help it they are too cute not to wear!)

Until next time.

                     Xoxo Kenz


A Design That does Wonders

Happy Hump Day! What's everyone up to on this fine Wednesday!? Take a look at this fun summer look I rocked last night!

Dress: ASOS  Shoes: Steve Madden  Purse: Tory Burch  Earrings: Icings  Sunglasses: Ray Bans

I love a good maxi dress even on a hot, sticky, summer night in New England, this look gets it done! I sported this outfit to a grad party last night and received many compliments on it. This dress is light weight and very comfortable and it's fun design does wonders, making for a perfect summer maxi. Then of course, I broke out my lace up Steve Madden sandals (if you haven't figured it out already, these shoes are a fav and go with just about any outfit!) they have the perfect little heel and their lace up style adds just the right amount of flare without over doing it. 

I hope everyone is having a fab week! Check out my Instagram love.and.labels for more Love & Labels looks!

                 Xoxo Kenz

Summer Lovin'

Earrings: Kendra Scott  Shoes: Jack Rogers Pants: Target  Shirt: J Crew  Belt: Express

Last nights destination, and one of my absolute favorite places to go for a night out, The Dog Watch Cafe in Stonington Borough. The Dog Watch Cafe is a perfect place to spend a summer night, it is right on the water, has the best seafood, and the cutest set up. While waiting for a table we sat out by a fire pit and enjoyed the late afternoon, summer weather. You can't tell me it gets any better than that, but it does! Our meal was to die for!  Then we topped it off with some ice cream from their very own ice cream tent and walked down to the water to eat our dessert with a view. A perfect summer night to say the least.

I went for a more classy casual look for dinner in the borough. Dress pants and a white T-shirt with a dainty belt to pull together the look, and of course my go to shoes lately, my Jacks, I can't seem to get enough of them lately. Let me tell you though, I am in love with these white tees from J Crew. They're extremely comfortable and not at all see through like most white tees, I highly recommend picking up a few of this staple for your closet.

Happy Thursday y'all, one more day till the weekend! Thank god it's almost Friday! 

                 Xoxo Kenz

Red, White and Navy Blue

Skirt: J Crew  Shirt: Forever 21  Shoes: Jack Rogers  Purse: Tory Burch  Necklace: Amazon  Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Happy Fourth!!

Yes I was feeling a bit patriotic this morning considering the date! My festive outfit is a mosh posh of clothes and accessories, put together for this beautiful summer day.

What we have here is one of my fav pieces of clothing, my paper bag skirt from J Crew (which I also have in red!) put together with a red and white striped shirt and my first and fav pair of Jacks. Jacks are perfect for almost any outing and especially with this outfit the silver sandal just brought the whole look together. Then I added another one of my favorites and probably one of my cheapest accessories, my red rose necklace which I purchased from amazon, it was an amazing find and I wear this necklace all the time. And of course my new baby made the cut, I am absolutely in love with my new Tory purse. I feel like a brand new person when I carry it around, it holds everything and makes life just that much easier by allowing me to fit everything into one bag! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend, filled with lots of friends, family and most importantly food! Happy fourth to all❤️

                       Xoxo Kenz 

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

I'm back! 

While the Dominican was an absolute blast, I am glad to be home and I am also glad to finally be able to share my adventure with y'all! Wifi was limited down there so I was not able to access  the internet as much as I thought I would be able to, But I am back in action! 

We (me and 11 other girls, 6 moms/6 daughters, yes 12 girls!) traveled to Punta Cana, Dominican republic. We ended up staying at a fabulous all inclusive resort, Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe and had an amazing time, with breath taking views and  phenomenal weather. I could not have asked for a better time, place or people to go with.

While I was there I may or may not have gotten carried away with my inner fashionista. I have just a few (maybe more than a few) outfits to share with you from my wonderful trip to the DR! If you all have been keeping up to date with my insta you've gotten a little taste of what I've been styling lately but here is the full effect! Enjoy! 

View from the second floor of Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe.

Dress: Old Navy  Shoes: Tory Burch  LuggageDiane von Furstenberg (from Macy's) Sunnies: Ray Bans

Yup! mom and I wore matching outfits to the airport. 

Pants: Old Navy  Shirt: Vessos  Shoes: Tory Burch

Jumpsuit: ASOS  Shoes: Steve Madden  Necklace: ILYMIX

**(Don't forget get 20% of your order at ILYMIX with code L&L20)

Shirt: Express  Shoes: Steve Madden  Shorts: Forever 21

Romper: Choies  Shoes: Steve Madden

Hat: Hats by Olivia  Bathing suit: Victoria Secrets Sunnies: Express  Pineapple tumblr: Urban Outfitters 

Dress: ASOS  Shoes: Tory Burch  Hat: Banana Republic  Necklace: ILYMIX (use code L&L20 to get 20% of your entire order!!)

Bathing suit top: Midori Bikini  Bottoms: Agua Menta  Sunnies: Express

Two piece set: Choies  Shoes: Steve Madden

Crop top: Forever 21  Skirt: Top Shop  Shoes: Traget

Bathing suit: Victoria Secrets  Sunnies: Express  Cover up: ASOS

So now that you have finally gotten to take a look at my vacation apparel, let me cue you in on a few of my favorite pieces. 

I would have to say that my Custom made hat from Hat's by Olivia and my round Sunnies from express were my fav accessories of the trip, and if you couldn't tell by the excessive amount of times that I wore my Steve Madden lace up sandals, they are a must have. They are so comfortable and match just about any outfit you can think up. Also take notice of my white nails! It's the perfect color for any vacay, it goes with every outfit, so you can't go wrong!

Until next time!

            Xoxo Kenz

The Best Is Yet To Come

...and thats a wrap folks. 

Just like that my High School years flashed before my eyes.  A lot of blood sweat and tears, but we made it, so bitter sweet. I can not thank everyone in my life enough for all their love and support, I would be nowhere with out them!  Feels like just yesterday, I was walking into the first day of freshman year, but instead I was walking across the stage to receive my diploma. They are right when they tell you the next four years will fly by. 

Growing up in this town was a pleasure and a privilege, I would not have wanted to spend the last 17+ years of my life anywhere else.  Waterford provided me with amazing opportunities, friends, sports, academics and so much more and for that I am forever thankful.  I would not be able to move on to bigger and better things with out the support of my home town.  So here is to all that Waterford has given me, it has been and amazing ride.  Also here is to new opportunities, here is to the open doors that await me.  In the fall, I will be attending Pace University as a Communications Major and a minor in Fashion Marketing , in hopes of pursuing a career in the fashion industry.  Pace University, here I come!  I could not be more excited to begin my new journey in the fall, in the city that I LOVE! 

Now of course for the outfit details (minus the not so stylish robe and cap).  My dress is from one of my favorite NYC store fronts called Necessary Clothing, and my shoes are the fabulous Sam Edelman, Yardley lace up sandal.  These stylish block heels were a must!  They are to die for and crazy comfortable!  Keep in mind though they run small, these bad boys are a size bigger than what I would normally wear.  Accessories were kept to a minimal tonight because, of how in love I am with my dress!  I really wanted it to make a statement, so I went with just a pair of gold diamond, Kate Spade stud earrings to compliment the look (hard to see, but they are there I promise).  I had so much fun wearing this dress, it has so many components to it, but yet it is so simple, how can you not love it!?  It's high neckline is super classy ,but the open back and fun skater skirt gives it just the right amount of flare to give this dress its super fun/cute personality.

Let the next adventure begin, but always keep calm and style on!

                     Xoxo Kenz

      P.s. Sorry for the overload of picture (these are just a few of the many believe it or not) it was just to hard to choose! 

Stripes and Sandals

What a lovely weekend spent beaching and lounging with friends, at the first of many grad parties. Although the beach is always nice it was a bit chilly here this weekend so I went for a more conservative look to keep on the warmer side, while still hanging on to that summer feel with sandals and no sleeves.

This ankle high maxi dress from Marshalls is perfect for summer afternoons when the sun goes down and the temp gets a little bit cooler. I still kept summer in mind though when putting this outfit together, and I threw on the latest addition to my shoe fam, my Steve Madden lace up sandals. also new to the closet is my gold bib necklace from my latest collab, ILYMIX! Shop this necklace and so much more at http://www.ilymix.com/  then at check out use the code L&L20 to get 20% off your entire purchase!  So make sure to head over to their website, use my code and check out their fab items, you won't be disappointed!

Happy Monday to all! It's a big week over here. Graduation in one day, vacation in five! So stay tuned, exciting things are coming this way!  

            Xoxo Kenz

Monday Comfies

Did someone say kale?

Mondays don't seem so bad when you have a fun shirt like this to wear.  I wore this tee from Urban Outfitters to bounce around in today and it was so comfortable, I may never want to take it off!  It's the perfect t-shirt to toss on, on a Monday morning when it seems almost impossible to get out of bed.  Throw on a pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans (J Crew)  and your fav tennies (Adidas Superstars) with it and you're in good shape. 

I also added a little flare to the look by sporting my round sunnies from Free People. They make any outfit more exciting! Then I added a little top knot action and a few of my normal dainty accessories to complete the outfit. 

Keeping things nice and simple over here on this fabulous Monday.

                    Xoxo Kenz