A Look To Love

Shoes: Zara  Pants: Express  Sweater: Urban Outfitters  Lipstick: Mac Coat: H&M (similar one linked here)  Hat: Nordstroms

Valentines day has come and gone but I have yet to share my love for this look! 

This look leans towards the more neutral side to allow my sweet, little, red babies to share their pop of color. My new kicks were a steal from Zara, only 30 bucks for these shiny eye catchers, can you believe that!? Their baby block heels give you just enough height and style to rock them all day long. A beanie is always a great idea as well, especially for me in the city its nice to style a cute hat with an outfit to help keep warm. I love the depth, my leopard beanie brings to this outfit with its pattern.

Let's talk tops now. Urban has me crushing on my new sweater. I have had my eye on this sweater for a while and finally broke down and treated myself. Because... Love yourself!  If you're looking to buy this sweater, as I highly recommend you do seeing as its super cozy, I suggest sizing up. I am wearing a size large. I prefer my sweaters to be more on the unfitted side for a comfier/ more laid back look. 

I will be trying to post more constantly on my blog, but bare with me! This semester I have taken on an internship 3 days a week and have classes the remaining 2 days. This leaves me little free time, but I plan to dedicate that free time to getting my blog back up to speed and keeping y'all update with all things fashion! 

xoxo Kenz


Gray Scale

Shirt: Zara  Shoes: Steve Madden  Scarf: ILYMIX (similar one linked) Belt: Urban Outfitters  Coat: Forever 21  (similar one linked) Jeans: Zara 

I'm back in my city y'all! Oh how I missed NYC. And yes I died my hair pink! Surprise (; My true colors finally came out.

It is so nice to be back and roaming around in the hustle and bustle that epitomizes NYC. But of course my first weekend back called for a day out and about with my roomie and this is what I conjured up for an outfit! 

The wind has been brutal here lately so its been tough trying to stay warm. My new coat from Forever 21 has made the cold 100x more bearable. It locks in warmth and screams cute, it was love at first sight. Speaking of love, my new Steve Madden, platform, sneakers are the best! Pom poms make everything a little more fun if I do say so myself. I got these baby's at Nordstroms and they come in black and peach in addition to the gray. Bell sleeves have my heart just as much as pom poms though. Despite the shirts neutral gray color the bell sleeves and ribbed style give it an awesome flare. No color doesn't mean no style, the gray scale colors allowed me to let my pink hair pop, and give an edgy style to the look. I felt fierce and fashionable (as one always should) running around the city in this get up. 

Stay fierce & fashionable.

Xoxo Kenz


Cheetah On My Mind

Jacket: Forever 21 (Similar one linked here)  Ear Muffs: Grace (local boutique)  Shoes: Steve Madden  Necklace: Old Navy  Jeans: Express

Happy New Year to all! I hope 2017 is treating you oh so fabulously so far! 

I'm starting the New Year off as the real me, cheetah print and pink! (but a little note to self for next time it's 20 degrees - wear gloves!) My ears may have been toasty in my favorite furry ear muffs, but my black gloves would have been perfect for my nearly frozen fingers. Fur ear muffs though, everyone needs a pair! Mine are from a boutique in my home town, but Macy's sells a very similar pair , which I have linked here. I highly recommend scooping yourself up a pair if you live anywhere that experiences cold temps. They get the job done in style!

If I could wear this jacket every day of my life, I might do just that. It is warm, fun and definitely an eye catcher, and paired with pink velvet booties, you know you run the show. Cheetah and pink never disappoints. Its the perfect mix of sassy and chic.

 That's enough bundling up for me, I'm off to Miami tomorrow, so be ready for a quick change in scenery. Bring on the warm weather!

Xoxo Kenz




Button Up

Hat: Grace (Boutique)  Shoes: Madewell  Dress: H&M  Purse: H&M  Shirt: Uniqlo

Happy Friday everyone! I'm bringing you a little overall lovin' to start off the freaking weekend.

This denim overall dress is my latest craze and for all the right reasons! This dress gives me heart eyes, its take on a classic closet staple is just what you need to keep your overall game intact. Overalls are one of my personal favorites. They can be worn in any season when styled weather accordingly and being a 90's baby overalls hold a special place in my heart. They are part of the 90's are back revolution we so often hear about, only this time with a new spin on things, this dress being the perfect example. 

For this time of the year, I love the overall look with a sweater, turtle neck or a t-shirt and scarf. Since, I went with the plain white turtle neck for this outfit, I jazzed things up with everyones favorite pom pom beanie. Knitted and neutral is key here, seeing as this is a fairly simplistic and minimalistic outfit, a fun neutral hat adds some flare without completely taking away from the chic black and white combo. Plus, who am I kidding, it was cold and this hat kept my head warm. Cute and warm. Double score.

Xoxo Kenz

Tule Cool For You

Skirt: Necessary Clothing  Shoes: Steve Madden  Shirt: Marshall's  Sunglasses: Express

I'm back! Sorry for the brief hiatus, I've been crazy busy over here and have had a few technical difficulties along the way. But, all is good and I am back in action!

I'm starting off with one of my favorite outfits for the holiday season. I have been swooning over all things black and red buffalo check lately, my shirt being only one of many. This shirt is actually a dress and can be worn very casually or dressed up like I've done here. As for my shoes, I highly recommend grabbing yourself a pair of these little pretties, they add such a cute flare to an outfit and are comfortable, but give you just the right heel to strut your stuff. They are the ideal combination of strappy heel meets block heel. Then I added some tule into the mix and how can one go wrong there? This midi tule skirt brings me back to my childhood tutu days and I am loving every second of reliving that. With a little pop of red lipstick this outfit is brought to life. I can't see how anyone could have a bad day while wearing an outfit as fun as this.

Wearing this outfit brought me so much happiness. They do say "gotta look good to feel good". There is just something about tule, block heels and a plaid combo that wins me over, this look is the epitome of upbeat, stylish and holiday feels. It's an outfit perfect for a holiday party, a cookie swap or just for feeling F A B U L O U S! 

                          XOXO Kenz



Fur Real?

Jeans: Vintage  Shirt: Uniqlo  Booties: Old Navy  Purse: Coach  Vest: Grace

Nothing like some city foliage. Central Park has been calling my name so, me and my roommate took a stroll over to my happy place this weekend. The weather was beyond beautiful, no coats necessary, with the weather up in the 60's it was perfect vest weather, and who doesn't love an opportunity to wear a fur vest? 

Ever since the weather has gotten cooler though I have been loving my turtle necks that I purchased from Uniqlo. They are perfect for layering! They have them in different thicknesses for more or less warmth and multiple colors as well, Uniqlo is the perfect place for all your basic T-shirt and sweater needs.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Is any one else already just as excited for thanksgiving as I am? Two more days and I'll be home for break, can't wait to see my family and snuggle my little pup! 

Xoxo Kenz


Monday's Are For Maroon

Skirt: Forever 21  Sweater: Grace  Purse: Coach  Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana  Watch: Michael Kors

Just a last minute throw together for a a shoot in SoHo the other day. Anything maroon makes me feel so fall, so naturally I can not get enough of my button up maroon skirt from Forever 21, topped off with a simple grey sweater and a classic pair of OTK's (Add a pair of tights and an extra layer over your sweater on a chilly fall day!). What could be more fall-esque?  Happy Monday!

Xoxo Kenz

Plaid to See You

Dress: Marshalls  Shoes: Steve Madden (Nordstroms)  Belt: Urban Outfitters

This outfit makes me all sorts of happy! First off, I love that the fall weather is just perfect enough for me to wear a dress and open toe booties without freezing to death.

But, lets also talk about what a steal this dress actually was. I found it at Marshalls for only 20 bucks! So cute, so cheap, am I right! Originally the dress came with a cute belt of the same pattern that tied in a bow, but I couldn't help but spice up the outfit with my UO belt. It gave the outfit that little bit of edge it needed to be complete. Holla, if you love a good statement belt. HOLLAAA!

Happy Wednesday

XoXo Kenz

City Chic

Shirt: Grace  Boots: Urban Outfitters  Jeans: Zara  Belt: Urban Outfitters  Purse: Coach  Jacket: Old Navy  Choker: Urban Outfitters

I am so excited to finally show you all my new leopard print booties from Urban Outfitters! So seeing as I current live above an Urban I accidentally (on purpose) seem to always find myself in there...oops! But there are no complaints here because I landed myself these totally fabulous booties for 20% off! I also snagged this belt while I was in there because why not! It's the latest craze and actually, believe it or not, goes for a great price at Urban, only $30.00. This chic city look is perfect for traipsing around, a graphic tee, ripped jeans and a fun pair of booties and you've got yourself a winner! Talk to y'all soon.

                     Xoxo Kenz


As promised, here is my latest under the radar coffee find. There are always those days when I'm tired of the everyday Dunkin or Starbucks run and I'm just looking to switch things up. The other day me and my roomie checked out a local coffee shop down by the seaport called Jack's Stir Brew Coffee. You'll be amused by the names of their local flavors, Dirty Harry, Mad Max, Farmer Dan and the list goes on. I tried the Happy Jack, which is a honey cinnamon latte, and the coffee critic in me was not disappointed! Jack's has grown to have 6 other locations throughout NYC and the Hamptons, and is a great change from your everyday coffee rituals. If that isn't enough to convince you to try Jack's, then do it for the gram! Their coffee makes for a perfect insta pic!

Thanks a latte for stopping by, talk to y'all soon!

                        Xoxo Kenz

Knitted & Neutral

Boots: Hunter Rain Boots  Pants: Forever 21  Sweater: Forever 21  Purse: Tory Burch  Scarf: Grace

You know me, I'm a sucker for cute and comfy. It's one of my favorite combos. So if you share that love then you're in the right place. I stumbled upon this amazing fall find of a sweater the other day when in Forever 21 and I am head over heals for it. Believe it or not paired with a scarf it is a very warm, fall friendly outfit! Even on a cold, windy, rainy day it kept me comfortably warm and allowed me to enjoy a chilly fall day in the city (of course I had a nice cup of joe to help kill the chills, but thats besides the point).

Wondering what kind of coffee is in my cup? I'm sure you are! So keep in touch to find out where my newest coffee hang is! 

                       Xoxo Kenz


These Boots Were Made for Walking

Shoes: DSW  Dress: Marshalls  Purse: Old Navy  Jacket: Old Navy

Love this look for wandering the city, and I also love that I've been able to break out all my favorite fall boots! I've learned quickly while being in the city that comfortable shoes are a must! But I like to meet in the middle and find shoes that are cute and comfy for days when I know I am going to be doing a lot of walking but I don't want to give up my style. So a little over the knee boot action is a quick problem solver. These boots while super cute and reasonably priced (under $100) are always an outfit pleaser. They are a great fall have, adding just the right amount of flare to an outfit. As for the dress it is just as comfortable and was a major steal from Marshall's. I'm a huge Marshall's lover but you have to go into the store with patients and the willingness to look around till you find just the right thing. I always like to go on a day when I have no plans and can spend a good amount of time just sifting through the store looking for all the hidden treasures.

Anyways, this look is very laid back and can be played around with and adjusted to fit your style. It is a very simple and versatile outfit so play around with the look and see what you can do! 

                       Xoxo Kenz


Merry in Maroon

Boots: DSW  Sweater: Urban Outfitters  Purse: Old  Sunglasses: Express  Scarf: Local shop (Grace)

No one does fall like New England, so I headed back home this past weekend to bask in the fall glory. The leaves are just starting to change and the weather is at its prime, there is just something about the brisk fall air and pumpkin overload that makes me swoon over this glorified season. Yes, you heard right! I'm a pumpkin lover, surprise surprise!  So per my request my mom whipped up her homemade pumpkin whoopie pies for me and we celebrated fall the right way.

Since the temp took a quick turn I decided to treat myself to this crazy comfy Urban Outfitters sweater. Hello sweater weather! I have been wearing it non stop, and the best part is maroon is a color that can be worn well into the winter as well. I am always looking for pieces that can be worn for multiple seasons. It is the best way to get the most out of your wardrobe.

Thanks for stopping by, talk to y'all soon!

                  Xoxo Kenz



A Furry Fall Frenzy

Vest: Grace Stores (Local shop)  Pants: J Crew  Boots: Tory Burch  Purse: Old Navy

There is nothing like the annual trip to Clydes for some apple cider and cider donuts! While living in New York has been amazing, I knew heading home this weekend was a must to kick off fall. Back home Clydes is always an absolute must and I for sure was not going to miss a Clydes season. So I headed home for the weekend and brought along my roomies to show them the CT ropes. I also ran into one of my hometown besties, Shea, who was also home for the weekend so we met up at Clydes. Nothing beats seeing your friends from home, so it was great to catch up after being at school for a few weeks now. 

Before coming home for the weekend my mom told me it was sweater weather (she lied) so although its not quite time to get all the cozy sweaters out, I was at least able to break out my Tory boots. Boy, how I missed these babies! I was still able to style a fall look though, while not sweltering in the, oddly, still relatively warm September weather. I just paired a short sleeve tee with my super cute fur vest and volia! Can you tell I am SO ready for fall!? 

Hope y'all are having a fabulous Monday! Thanks for stopping by, talk to you soon!

                      Xoxo Kenz



Laudree All Day

Shirt: Necessary Clothing  Pants: J Crew  Shoes: Zara  Purse: Old Navy

It's official, I've found love. Next time you're in SoHo and looking for a bomb french dessert do as they say and "treat yo self". Laudree is an ABSOLUTE must, I repeat, ABSOLUTE must. I was and still am, swooning over their sweet treats, but how can you not is the real question!? Rich hot chocolate, house made macaroons, ice creams, pastries and the list keeps on going! Besides NYC eats, the city life is treating me well, not to mention I finally got to wear my new off the shoulder shirt that I've been dying to show off. I also rocked my first city purchase since moving in, my new rose pink loafers, which were a total steal. Only 30 bucks from Zara's! Sale items you rock my world!

Hope everyones having a fab week. Thanks for stopping by!

Xoxo Kenz


Places & Spaces

Im back! And this time I'm writing to you all from my new home (yes I can finally call it my home!), NYC, how exciting! Move in weekend is officially over and my room is finally unpacked and put together, thank god! The view is unbelievable, overlooking Broadway, it doesn't get much better. It's breath taking and absolutely crazy that I get to wake up to such a view every morning and walk the streets of the city everyday. What a way to get the college experience, right!?

Besides the city, I am completely in love with my dorm decor! I had so much fun decorating and picking out a new layout, gold accents just kept winning me over, nothing wrong with that though! Gold and pok-a-dots for the win. And oh my, check out my light up flamingo, is it awesome or is it awesome? Its awesome! Its the perfect focal piece and so fab. I can't get enough of it. So much love for my dorm room. Oh! and sidenote, the jumpsuit I'm wearing, by far the comfiest piece of clothing I've ever worn!! I can thank Grace Stores for that purchase!

Classes start Wednesday so stay tuned for a first day outfit and all that follows!

                  Xoxo Kenz

In a Blink of an Eye

Jeans: Nordstroms  Shirt: Nordstroms  Sunnies: Free People  Shoes: Tory Burch

...And in a blink of an eye... Almost a week till I move into school, which is why I have been MIA lately. So much packing, shopping, list making and so much more its un real! And there is still more to do with in the next week! AHHHHHHH! But anyways, last night was "The Last Supper" I said goodbye to all my girls as they all head their separate ways this weekend, sad and exciting at the same time. We grew up together and spent so much time with each other, so its hard to believe this is going to be the first time in 10+ years that we wont be playing sports together or going to the same school or spending every Monday night watching the Bachelor or hanging out every weekended. But I know bright futures lie ahead of them and could not be more excited for all my girls. Xoxo. (And yes thats my friend Claire taped to a plastic spoon. She started at the Coast Guard Academy back in July so we taped her face to a plastic spoon and take her picture with us whenever we go somewhere since she cant actually be there with us! Clever right!?)

This shirt perfectly describes how I'm feeling on this cloudy Friday though. Tired. With my final days of work, all the goodbyes and so many college to do's theres has been no rest time so I finally took the opportunity to sleep in this morning and it has never felt better! This shirt was actually a lovely little b-day present from my mama and its a perfect throw on for those days when you cant really decide what to wear but you're still looking for a cute look. You can never have enough graphic tees, they are wardrobe life savers!

Thanks for stopping by, bare with me as they next week is going to be hectic!

                           Xoxo Kenz

Wearing Blue, Not Feeling Blue

Dress: Forever 21  Shoes: Steve Madden  Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

This baby blue mini dress is definitely one of my all time favsss! I love the halter style and everything about this dress, it is just so complimenting and I can't get enough of it! It's completely simple and to the point but something about it makes me so happy! You can shop this summer mini at Forever 21 for ONLY $12.90! Now thats a total steal if I do say so myself! And while I love the light blue color it also comes in olive green and black so you've got a few choices. Or better yet get all 3!

As summer comes to an end things are stating to get a little hectic. Lots of school and dorm shopping and MANY goodbyes. While I'm ready for fall and a new chapter, I'm not so sure I'm ready to say all these goodbyes 😢 But on the bright side as September approaches that means fall clothes can start to come into full force and thats a majorrrr bonus! As much as I love the summer sun I live for fall. Bring on the sweater weather!

Enjoy the rest of your week and I'll talk to you all soon!

                           Xoxo Kenz

Lilly Lovin'

Romper: Lilly pulitzer  Shoes: Jack Rogers  Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Wishing I was back on the streets of this beautiful island right about now.

There's no better way to fit in in Nantucket than with a few classics, Lilly and Jacks. Now at first I thought I was taking a big risk wearing pants in the sweltering heat, but a big shout out to Lilly for their light airy material because I never once was uncomfortably hot, or found myself wishing I hadn't worn a pants suit, I was Lilly lovin' on this particular day! And please tell me who goes to Nantucket and doesn't get a Lobster roll? Thats right not me!...Okay so maybe I don't eat lobster and maybe I didn't get a lobster roll, but someone had to get one! So I volunteered the BF. Trust me he wasn't complaining😉 As for my food request, We made a pit stop at the Juice Bar for moi! (It's deceiving because its not actually a juice bar... its and ice cream shop, even Better, right!) I even had time to find the Lilly jeep, which wasn't too hard considering it was right in front of the Lilly store haha😜

Anyways until next time Nantucket, talk to you soon everyone!

                  Xoxo Kenz

Cape Cod Colors

Dress: Madewell  Clutch: Tuckernuck  Shoes: Converse  Fedora: old  Baseball cap: Pac Sun

My Cape Cod, birthday weekend in a nutshell ladies and gents!

No better way to celebrate the big one eight (18!) than on the cape. Cape Cod has become an annual getaway for me and the fam, and I am not complaining one bit! I mean how can you when you get endless amount of salt water taffy and sand bars that you can walk for miles! And yes thats right I said salt water taffy! I hope I'm not the only one that is head over heals for this stuff! I wouldn't want to eat my weight in salt water taffy any where else either. The Cape is the place to go for some good old fashioned, home made, taffy. I highly recommend the Salt Water Taffy place, its taffy heaven. 31 flavors of deliciousness, made right in front of you. Nothing better.

As much as I am in love with salt water taffy though I think Im more in love with my new clutch from Tuckernuck! It is multicolor pom pom madness! I love it! One of the b-day presents I received from my lovely mother, she knows me too well! And of course it matched my super comfy shift dress that I just had to have from Madewell. Don't ask me why, but something about this dress just kept telling me I have to have it, so after about 4 trips to Madewell I finally broke down and bought it. It was SO worth it. 

Keep in touch to see my Lilly loaded outfit from Nantucket!

                           Xoxo Kenz  

        P.s. If you didn't notice my birthday cupcakes take a look! The cutest flocking cupcakes you ever did see! Specially made for me from Vesta's Bakery in Westerly RI. I can't get enough of them! My Flamingo obsession get worse by the day. Don't they just want to make you flamingle!?